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Kolorowe dyski

My Packaging Design

Each package tells a story. I’ve designed labels that narrate a brand’s heritage, ingredients’ origins, or the artisanal process behind the product.

Coffee render 1;2.jpg


Sunrise Roast Cofee

The packaging features an illustration of Brazil’s rolling hills, where coffee plants thrive under the tropical sun. Verdant greens and warm earth tones evoke the natural beauty of the region Cerrado.


Good Shape

I ensure that the packaging design aligns seamlessly with the brand identity. Typography, color palette, and logo placement play a crucial role. I curate images, colors, and textures that evoke the desired emotions—confidence, vitality, and progress.

render goodshape3.jpg


Cider Etiquette

I opted in this project for a warm, vibrant yellow — a shade that evokes sun-kissed orchards and positivity. The centerpiece is a drawing apple. I wanted it to feel authentic, capturing the texture and essence of ripe fruit.


Pan Palon - Oatmeal Stout

Why not a  sailor? A man with a woolen cap, a pipe clenched between his teeth, and a snake tattoo on his forearm. A wanderer who knew the taste of saltwater and the taste of good dark beer.

etykieta wszystkie strony.jpg
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